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Kinguser apk has been designed in such a way that it gives users a means using which they can have automatic root access to their phones after you successfully install kinguser apk, it will automatically take root access to your device and which saves you from the complicated rooting process. Kinguser app is cool and easy to use design will help you manage root access or permissions in an easy manner. 

Another great thing about Kinguser app is that upon its installation it takes care of the useless built-in apps that were present on your device since bought it, and it does it by deleting them automatically. as now the useless app free up space and other resources on your Android device it will have a much better performance. It will also help you in choosing an app that should run whenever you start your phone. Kinguser apk comes in handy as we don’t use a lot of apps, and frequent between 2 or 3, so you can select the one you use the most to work each time you start your phone, it makes things easier. as it has been said before it improves the performance of your device by taking care of the apps that are not in use. Even the unrooting process doesn’t take a lot of time, with kinguser app.

Kinguser apk is not available on play store as it does not follows the play store policy to “T” which a lot of rooting apps fail to do and so you have to get them from other location. And king user app is free so you don’t have to pay a single dime and one more important thing is that it provides smart authorization of the apps that are present on your device. Let’s get some insight about Kinguser apk and also how to install them on your Android device. 

Kinguser – Download Kinguser Apk v5.0.3 Latest Version For Android

What is Kinguser?



Kinguser is one of the apps for rooted Android phone users, which helps you managing the root permissions for all the apps. You can enable/disable the root access for certain app or block permanently. Kinguser is a must have app if you use lot of root apps.

Name Kinguser
Developer KingUser
Size 16.2 MB
Cost Free
Stable version v4.0.1
Compatibility Android v4.0 & above
No of downloads 2,87,000+
Official Link

How to install Kinguser apk on Android?

Before you install this file you should go the security setting and enable unknown sources. Here is a zip file link for, King User you can extract the file from there.

KingUser Apk 5.1.2

KingUser Apk 5.1.0

Step 1: Download the kinguser apk file from the above link, after the download is completed you can extract the apk file.

Step 2: Once you find the apk file you can tap on it, to install it on your Android device or tablet.

Step 3: After the installation process is complete you can launch the Kinguser apk.

Kinguser installed

Kinguser installed

Now you can root your android device using kinguser apk, it automatically takes care of rooting your app, so here is what you can do next. If you have to grant permission to a particular app, or if you want to remove root then  launch the app and select “root authorization”, it will display a new screen with apps list

next to them you will notice “prompt” which is the default selection and will give you a prompt to allow or deny, whenever the app wants root permission, to give an app a root access you just have to select the “downward Arrow” next to prompt, and you will be presented with three options “Prompt”, “allow” and “deny”, choose allow to grant access, if you want to remove the access then similarly choose prompt or deny instead.

The unrooting process of king user is quite simple all you have to do is uninstall the app from either setting or directly from the menu, and your mobile phone i.e Android phone or tablet will be unrooted.

It is the lazy people’s rooting tool, if you are not interested in experimenting with the rooting technique and  just wanted to have the benefits that come along with rooting then this is a perfect app for you, you don’t need to follow a lot of instruction when it comes to using the various tools provided by this app, and all the instruction set are easy to understand and simple, this app has provided users a very simplified rooting tool, like no other.


Features of the Kinguser Apk

Kinguser Apk

Kinguser Apk

  • Kinguser apk is packed with a lot of features all of which are useful and essential for rooting your android device.
  • This tool will allow you to have root access on your device in a simplified manner, with its high-quality new design.
  • Another thing you should know is that you can select which apps should run on its startup
  • It provides Smart Authorization so that the users can experience the full potential of their devices, which has been limited by the manufacturer.
  • you can install and download it on your android device for free, it is an open source file and doesn’t cost anything.
  • The main goal of this apps is to provide user smart authorization over the device he/she is interested in rooting, it is one of the best solutions for authorization purposes.
  • it works mostly on all of the tablets, Android as well as various other devices.
  • this app provides you inner data, what it does is provides security for your data so that it isn’t mishandled in any way even after you root your phone, as that is the time the content of the phone is least secure as many third party apps build a backdoor so they can use the content on your phone.
  • It roots most of the devices, such as tablets and Android automatically you don’t have to manually root the device while using Kinguser apk.
  • It has a very easy setup, you just have to follow the very simple steps and you will have a rooted device.


Kinguser Apk Cons,

Rooting Android phones are easier than ever, you could quickly root your device using one click rooting software like root genius and root master in no time. When you choose to root your device, you are indirectly choosing to make changes to the software, which is considered as tampering and there are some risks that you should be aware of. 

  • Voids the warranty

No matter which rooting service, process or app you use, there is always a chance that it will void the warranty of your device, even if you manage to unroot it, most of the mobile phone developer these days have taken measure against the tampering that takes place when a device is rooted so if you have rooted the device, you can say bye bye to the warranty of your device and you will have to pay for any repairs of your new device.

  • Updates might not work

once you have made changes to the software to gain benefits that come with rooting your phone, it might not possible to apply updates to your device, as the new updates are created on previous software and as it has been tampered with is not the same anymore, even if you unroot your device these updates might not work for you.

  • Damaging your Device:

If somehow you do manage to mess up the rooting process, you could end up with a useless device damaged up to the point that it can not be repaired, this is known as bricking your device.


Wrapping up,

With kinguser apk, you can get rid of the fear of rooting your device, we have discussed the features as well as the risks rooting a device poses, and the installation process is a breeze it is quite similar to installing any apk file on your Android device. Kinguser  apk is even considered as a good alternative to the SuperSU which is one of the popular root management tool, which tells you that you can expect the absolute best from Kinguser apk and so far it hasn’t proven anything otherwise.